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Repair Service Moldova :Smartphones, laptops, tv

Urgent appliance repair

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Device Reception
Device Reception
We are accepting your device at the service center.
Diagnosis and Repair
Diagnosis and Repair
A specialist conducts diagnostics for precise identification of faults.
Done with a warranty!
Done with a warranty!
You will receive the repair with a warranty of up to 6 months.
Apple Repair
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Device Reception

Drawing from extensive experience and specialized expertise in the repair and maintenance of technological marvels, Arron in Chisinau, Moldova, extends bespoke solutions crafted just for you. Our pride lies in adeptly resolving a diverse range of technical challenges, ensuring your cherished devices receive the utmost care.

At Arron in Chisinau, we specialize in reviving an array of gadgets, including:

– Laptops
– Desktops
– Smartphones
– Tablets
– Gaming consoles
– Printers
– Televisions
– Coffee machines

No matter the brand of your device, be it Apple, Samsung, HP, or any other major manufacturer, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service tailored to your needs. We address various technical issues, such as startup glitches, cracked screens, battery concerns, overheating problems, and software glitches, with finesse and precision.

To offer you a deeper insight into our services, here are the top ten solutions we provide at Arron in Chisinau:

1. Diagnosing startup problems
2. Repairing screens for phones and tablets
3. Replacing batteries and fixing chargers for laptops and smartphones
4. Conducting dust cleaning and preventive maintenance to prolong device lifespan
5. Performing hardware repairs for laptops and desktops
6. Installing and configuring software, including operating systems and applications
7. Undertaking motherboard repairs for laptops and desktops
8. Implementing hardware upgrades to optimize device performance
9. Troubleshooting connectivity issues such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problems
10. Providing data recovery and backup services to safeguard crucial information

Whatever your technological needs may be, Arron in Chisinau is here to provide tailored solutions to ensure your devices remain in top-notch condition. Reach out to us today to discover how we can assist you in keeping your gadgets running smoothly!

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Arron Service
Phone repair service
Phone 022 011 137
Placeholder or. Chisinau, str.B. Bodoni 33
Arron Service
Phone repair service
Phone 022 011 137
Placeholder or. Chisinau, Dacia 24